food-bank-volunteerOur current enrollment is approximately 400 food-insecure individuals and families. Although some do not participate every month, our volunteers can always be found preparing food packages for many families in a single day. The churches, of the Manasquan Ministerium, are located in Manasquan, Spring Lake, Spring Lake Heights, Brielle, and Sea Girt; however the pantry receives clients from many other Jersey Shore towns. As of the 2008 census, in just the five towns already noted, there were 144 families living in poverty and 946 individuals living in poverty. The majority of our clients reside in Monmouth County.

Contributing Churches

The Church in Brielle ♦ First Baptist Church ♦ Manasquan Presbyterian ChurchHoly Trinity Lutheran Church ♦  Hope Community Church ♦ Life Chapel Assembly of GodManasquan Friends Quaker Meeting ♦ United Methodist Church ♦ St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church ♦ St. Catharine Church ♦ St. Mark’s Catholic Church ♦ St. Uriel’s Episcopal Church ♦ St. Denis Roman Catholic Church ♦ Shiloh Baptist Church

6 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Jennifer – thank you so much for your interest in the Manasquan Food Pantry!
      Yes we accept non perishable foods as long as they are not expired. We do not have a lot of restrictions, but here are some things that we regularly give out in bags for our clients:
      Canned Fruit
      Canned Veggies
      Canned meats – tuna, chicken, salmon
      Rice/pasta and sauce
      Mashed potatoes/stuffing/gravy

      Hope this helps!

      Thanks & Best Regards,
      The Manasquan Food Pantry

    • Thank you for thinking of the Manasquan Food Pantry! We are open on Mon/Tue 10am-1pm & Thu/Fri 1pm-4pm or you can call us 732-223-0898 if you need to come during a time we are not open.
      Thanks & Best Regards,
      The Manasquan Food Pantry

  1. Hello, do you need volunteers? My dad is 85, in good shape and has time on his hands. He would love to help!

    • Thanks so much for your interest in the Manasquan Food Pantry. We are always looking for good volunteers! We schedule about 1-2 months ahead for volunteers and usually have them come in once a month for the 3 hour time period that we are open (M/Tu 10a-1pm, Th/F 1-4pm). If this is something you are interested in, please email us directly with your phone number and I will have the scheduling coordinator get in touch. squanfoodpantry@gmail.com

      Thanks so much for thinking of us!

      Best Regards,
      The Manasquan Food Pantry

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