About Us

DSCN1056The Manasquan Food Pantry is a non-denominational ministry of the Manasquan Ministerium, 14 churches in the communities of Manasquan, Brielle, Sea Girt, Spring Lake and Spring Lake Heights, and is supported by other local organizations. The Food Pantry is overseen and directed by the Board of Deacons at the First Presbyterian Church of Manasquan. Our volunteers come from a variety of occupations and lifestyles and from various congregations within the Ministerium. Volunteers prepare food packages for families and individuals, and greet each client with a smile, offering friendly reassurance, or perhaps discussing times when they too needed assistance, or simply trading baking and cooking tips

Our generous donors are the lifeblood of the food pantry, enabling us to provide this form of support to the food-insecure. Our volunteers are church members, local businesses, Scout Troops, local high school students, families, chambers of commerce, and many other generous, caring community members and organizations.

The Manasquan Food Pantry exists to provide Jersey Shore families and individuals in need of support. We demonstrate a commitment by promoting goodwill and friendship within our community, and creating a support system for those in need by offering a supply of basic foods on a monthly basis for each client and/or family participating in the program. Assistance is always provided as needed, be it temporary or ongoing.

The Manasquan Food Pantry operates as a component of a comprehensive path for dependent or needy families and individuals as they become more financially stable or move toward complete independence.

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